Hiring a home painting job can be Challenging Not only you entrust your dream in our hands, but also an investment in your most valuable asset

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The Best Painting Experience to your house or office

Paint Our Walls team consists of a number of professionals at the top of their field. Interior and exterior painting is what we take great pride in, and our background and professional screenings ensure our customers are paired up with only the best. Aside painting the walls inside and outside of home, we also do door painting & polish, waterproofing, metal painting, texture stencil and geometric design. Our expert estimators are exceptional at surveying a project and sharing interesting ideas our customers seldom think of. Their years of experience in the field can turn any project from good to great to “WOW.” No matter where on earth we go, we act in response to colors. However, the significance of color is often undervalued. Choosing the right painters for our home is essential to us. From working in the office to cooking a healthy family dinner in the kitchen to reading in the living room, you and your family members spend a lot of time in your house. That’s precisely why the interiors should reflect your personality and preferences. After all, you should feel comfortable in your own home! If your walls or other surfaces have chipped or worn paint, it can send the wrong message about you and your family, but fresh paint can revitalize a room and create the change you’re looking to make in your living spaces. You can get a free estimate and start your interior painting project by contacting our team!

Our professional home painting services offers all types of residential and commercial painting services in Bangalore and Chennai.

Free Color Consultations

Not sure what color you want to paint your home? Need help matching an existing color? Give us a call! We’re experts in color matching and consulting, and we’ll happily work with you to choose the ideal hue for your interior or exterior.

Paint Our Walls

The Best Painting Experience to your house or office

Paint Our Walls has identified as the top home painters offers an experience to express yourself through your dream colors and designs, be it your house painting or your office painting. A professional home painting services company, offering all types of residential and commercial painting services in Bangalore, Chennai and our service includes Interior house painting services, exterior wall painting, textured painting, wood painting services, etc.


Our house painters near you convert your house into a home and your office into a space of comfort. We have a highly experienced professional team providing the work with excellence and leaving a mark of satisfaction and happiness on the customer.

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the best painting solution.