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Interior Painting

From working in the office to cooking a healthy family dinner in the kitchen to reading in the living room, you and your family members spend a lot of time in your house. That’s precisely why the interiors should reflect your personality and preferences. After all, you should feel comfortable in your own home! If your walls or other surfaces have chipped or worn paint, it can send the wrong message about you and your family, but fresh paint can revitalize a room and create the change you’re looking to make in your living spaces.

Here is a brief overview of what painting looks like with Paint Our Walls.

Cover the area: We don’t want dust or paint getting where it doesn’t need to be. Our painters’ first step is to cover the furniture in the space we are painting.

Prepare the Walls before painting: Since a smooth wall surface makes for better paint adhesion, our painters will prepare the wall surfaces by touchup putty where required before the fresh paint is applied.

Clean-Up: We want to make sure your house looks like new and that includes cleaning up after our paint job.